Karate Kokusai Independent Federation India

Karate for perfection of Character

Karate Kokusai Independent Federation India

About Us

Karate Kokusai Independent Federation India is an organization based in India which strives to promote and practice Karate, irrespective of the style, to seek the perfection of character.

What We Do

Affiliation and Membership

We provide clubs and individual instructors with affiliation and membership under KKIFI.

Belt Grading

We conduct belt grading examinations twice a year throughout India.

Officials’ Training

We arrange seminars and trainings for karate officials and also provide them with the diplomas.

Karate as a sport

We aim to practice and promote karate as a sport, irrespective of the style it is practiced in.

Traditional Karate

Karate as a traditional martial art, for it’s well known benefits like healthy mind and body, is also promoted by KKIFI.


We also provide training in weapons like Nun-chucks, Tonfa, Stick, Sai, Hook Swords and more,

We’re recognized by WKTC

KKIFI, in the past, has been affiliated by many federations and we have recently renewed our affiliation under WKTC (World Karate-Do Traditional Confederation), an international organization which recognizes all types of karate-do.

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