Karate Kokusai Independent Federation India

While he was at the peak of his career in karate, our Founder-President encountered political biases and partial treatment. Sensai Ravikant Meshram then made up his mind to help fellow and future karatekas. He strongly believed that anyone who is interested in learning and practicing karate should have an unbiased and bright experience while doing so.

His passion towards practicing karate, his devotion of teaching karate to fellow and future karatekas and his commitment of providing his students with the best experience for exceling in karate became the foundation of an organization dedicated to karate which is now known as Karate Kokusai Independent Federation India (KKIFI).

And as a result, KKIFI was founded on 27th November, 2018 to bring all the like minded karate practitioners under one roof and provide all the karatekas with equal opportunities.

We’re recognized by WKTC

KKIFI, in the past, has been affiliated by many federations and we have recently renewed our affiliation under WKTC (World Karate-Do Traditional Confederation), an international organization which recognizes all types of karate-do.

Our Journey In Numbers So Far

  • 2000+ Karatekas trained
  • 15+ Individual dojos affiliated
  • 15+ Member states
  • 30+ Belt grading ceremonies held


We are on a mission to promote the practicing of karate, irrespective of it’s style, for all it’s physical and mental benefits. We aim to popularize karate among the people of all age groups and provide all karate practitioners with an unbiased platform to excel in it.


We hope to make the world a better place by encouraging karate as a way of life and not just a sport. Our ambition is to make maximum people practice karate not only as a form of martial art or a sport but also as a lifestyle.


Our federation is guided by the values and principles that seek perfection of character by practicing karate. We moralize being faithful and respecting others, always endeavoring and refraining from any from of violent behavior.